HCG Weight Loss Advertising Claims

Based on never-before-seen results, dieting with hCG is sweeping the nation and changing the way many people are losing weight.

However, there are doctors, health professionals, employees, self-appointed weight loss coaches, advertisements, websites, pharmacies, as well as manufacturing companies who only sell to licensed practitioners, claiming that this is the end to all diets, that the HCG Diet “resets” the hypothalamus and “cures”  weight problems!

In addition, promises and guarantees are being made that 1 – 3 pounds a day will be lost, that the weight loss is “permanent” and losing 14 pounds a week is normal.  Adding a disclaimer at the bottom of a website that “claims are for marketing purposes only” does not negate false, deceptive advertising.  There are companies, websites and individuals also falsifying pricing with come-on ads and inappropriate cost comparisons in regard to purchasing an HCG Diet product in a bottle vs doing the HCG Diet under the direction of a trained Health Care Professional and more.  If you live in an area where the HCG Diet is popular or you’ve been searching on the internet for HCG Diet information, you most likely have seen the hype and sensationalism surrounding the HCG Diet.

Much of the hype and false claims began in 2006 after the release of Kevin Trudeau’s book titled:  “The Weight Loss Cure THEY Don’t Want You To Know About“.  Statements on the front of the book sparked some of the deceptions circulating today: “Gets Rid of Abnormal Fat”; “Increases Your Metabolism”; “Eliminates Hunger and Food Cravings”;  and the diet will “Clean the Body Toxins“.   Content in the book also makes references to hCG being able to “RESET” the hypothalamus and to cause  “permanent” weight loss for the hCG Dieter.

People interested in losing weight are often times an ‘easy target’ for anything that has to do with weight loss and dieting. Often times, the general public may not be able to distinguish between what is true or false about weight loss claims and stories.  Kevin Trudeau successfully captured this market and generated millions of dollars in sales of his book based on people wanting a weight loss “CURE”. 

While the HCG Diet Council endorses the resurgence and interest this book created in Dr. ATW Simeons’ HCG Diet, it does not endorse: 1) false advertising and taking advantage of people; 2) the giving or receiving of HCG Diet advice by lay people;  3) HCG Diet websites that are in the business only to capitalize monetarily on hCG Dieters;  4) false claims about the HCG Diet that are created to mislead the public, nor 5) non-educated, non-qualified persons teaching Health Care Professionals how to over see their patients in a clinical setting.

While it is true that many hCG dieters report better weight loss results compared to other methods they have tried, it is false advertising to make claims that cannot be scientifically proven as mentioned above.

Provided the dieter is healthy and the HCG diet is followed exactly as outline by ATW Simeons, MD, the following is offered by the HCG Diet Council as more realistic guidelines that can be helpful when seeking a reputable source for the HCG Diet:

  1. The average female loses 15 – 20 pounds in 30 days  – NOT 1 to 3 pounds a DAY.
  2. The average male loses 20 – 25 pounds in 30 days – NOT 1 to 3 pounds a DAY.
  3. Choose clinics using Bio Electrical Impedance Analysis that document their HCG Dieters lose very little muscle mass.
  4. Choose Clinics that use a Bio Electrical Impedance Analysis to document that their HCG Dieters have a reduction of abnormal fat.  Choose clinics that do not claim it “gets rid of” or “eliminates all abnormal fat”.  Not all HCG Dieters utilize all abnormal fat.
  5. Some HCG Dieters report being able to eat more after completing the HCG Diet exactly as designed. They report better maintenance of weight loss, however there is no scientific way to prove that it “increased their metabolism” and to state that is has, is a false medical statement.
  6. Dr. Simeons’ did not claim the HCG Diet “resets the hypothalamus”. These terms were used in Kevin Trudeau’s Weight Loss Cure book purely as hype.
  7. There is no scientific proof exactly how hCG affects the hypothalamus in regard to weight and abnormal fat reduction. There is only hypothesis at this time.  So to say there is “proof” is a false medical claim and purely conjecture at this point.
  8. hCG does not “eliminate hunger” and/or food cravings for everyone during or after the HCG Diet.
  9. A large percentage of hCG dieters require additional supplements during and after the HCG Diet in order to address and/or rebuild compromised systems of the body. Otherwise, some hCG dieters struggle and are not able to continue the hCG diet and subsequently quit.
  10. Internet HCG Diet chat groups historically are not authored by a Health Care Professional and consequently give directions and information based on their own personal beliefs and experience. While the HCG Diet Council encourages the general involvement in HCG Diet support groups, it does not endorse the HCG Dieter receiving assistance and directions from a lay person nor non-trained, non-experienced Health Care Professional.
  11. The HCG Diet is a very serious, restrictive diet and should not be followed without the direct supervision of a Health Care Professional adequately trained about the HCG Diet.
  12. A large percentage of HCG Dieters generally fail to get the long terms results promised without a Professional’s help and gained some, if not all, of the lost weight back within 4 – 6 months or sooner.
  13. The HCG Diet Council encourages HCG Dieters to do the HCG Diet through the combination of an appropriately trained and experienced HCG Weight Loss Coach AND one who has a minimum of 5 years experience in the Health and Wellness Industry.
  14. The Council also supports accurate, truthful advertising about the HCG Diet. This enables the consumer to have access to honest information and in turn have realistic expectations when embarking on the diet.
  15. There are many options available to the consumer to access the HCG Diet. Do your homework, know your source, and shy away from false claims and “internet diet coaches” pretending to be what they are not.