HCG Diet Training Testimonials

“This was a great training and very complete. Beth should be recognized as a pioneer HCG diet trainer! She has the skills, and has obviously devoted many professional hours to a more systemic way of doing the program. I especially liked the bibliographic research and the physiology of hypothalmic obesity.”

Dr. Alejandro Lopez Vergara, MD Alaive Medicina Integrativa, Guadalajara, Mexico

“The online broadcast training format was great and very convenient. It was a big plus not having to travel. I found the presentation to be well organized, comprehensive and complete.”

Dr. Elliot Vayner, MD, Vayner Pediatrics, Brooklyn, NY

“The training was convenient and well presented. I feel much better informed having taken this training. I was not sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. I found the information about how to recognize difficult cases and answer questions about the program especially beneficial.”

Tracey Rice, Advanced Weight Loss and Wellness, Piedmont, SC

“Beth Golden was fantastic, well-prepared, knowledgeable and organized. This was a great review, and we also gained a lot from the section on liability. Overall it was a super presentation!”

Debbi Arsenault, Advanced Weight Loss and Wellness, Piedmont, SC

“Great training program and the online format is very convenient. I enjoyed the info about hypothalamic lesions and the results. Beth is very thorough! I learned more than I thought I was going to.”

Renea Barrett, LAc, Soft Touch Acupuncture, Springfield, MO

“Very informative and easy to follow. There is a lot of useful information in the training, both historical and new. Beth is very knowledgeable and is a great presenter. The section on false claims and advertising was particularly helpful.”

Surender Gorukanti, MD, Laurus Medical, Staten Island, NY

“Thank you for the very comprehensive training material, and for the convenient format. The online presentation was great, and was actually preferable to a classroom setting. Beth was an excellent instructor, well organized and has a lot of knowledge on the subject.”

Dr. Rebekah E. Thomas, PharmD, PA

“Wow we need someone like Beth in our organization! What a help that would be in staying up to date with all the latest studies and research into the HCG diet. She just has so much knowledge. The historical information was beneficial also. Thank you Beth for this great HCG protocol training program.”

Julie Jose, RN, Ultimate Solutions MedSpa, Jupiter, Fl

“Thank you Beth for the wonderful training. You made it very informative, covered a lot of material, both past and present, yet still kept it interesting. You did a great job presenting and explaining everything we need to know about hcg diet management. I was especially excited about the results you have had. Keep up the great work!”

Sheri Rego, Agape Medical, Fall River, MA

“Training covered all topics and information about the hcg diet protocol, including how to handle difficult and high risk cases. The material is very comprehensive. Beth really knows her stuff in regards to the hcg diet. Overall very well organized and presented. I would highly recommend to others.”

Sarah Nowicki, Agape Medical, Fall River, MA

“While I normally prefer a classroom, Beth did a great job presenting the training material in the online setting. Everything presented was helpful. I really enjoyed her training, and found the info about the background of the HCG diet and Dr. Belluscio’s findings particularly interesting.”

Mona Khoury, Agape Medical, Fall River, MA

“I found the training very well organized and presented. It was very easy to listen to and follow along, and it was great to be able to do it from home at my own pace. Beth’s knowledge of the latest trends and topics was also very helpful. I have done the HCG diet myself, and have been working in diet and nutrition for years, and was still able to learn new information from Beth. I was particularly interested in the FTC and FDA never having pushed for new data regarding the hcg diet protocol or what to say and not say.”

Melanie Bissonnette, Agape Medical, Fall River, MA

“I was very pleased with the discussion of the make up of HCG and the research that has shed some light on the role of the hypothalamus and weight management. I am very excited that there is an organization that is promoting excellence in understanding and providing valid evidence-based training and approaches to the effective HCG diet. Beth, thank you for your enthusiasm in bringing information to this field.”

Margaret Landry, CNM, APNP, HCG Impress, La Crosse, WI

“The training broadcast was great and I learned a lot! Beth was very knowledgeable and I have yet to see or meet anyone as informed as she is regarding the HCG diet. The best parts were the sections on the biology and chemistry behind HCG and the section on legal claims. Very informative training.”

Linda Okwor, BWell Fit, Marina Del Rey, CA

“I was blown away by the Council’s professionalism, mission and education. I want to be a part of this. I believe in HCG and don’t want to see this valuable weight loss tool lost to those who would benefit. I wish I could plug my brain into Dr. Golden’s and download all her knowledge.”

Jinty Barden, Certified Health Practitioner, Australia

“Very thorough training and efficiently presented. My biggest takeaway was an overall comprehension of the mechanics of HCG. The disability aspect was also very insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed Beth as a presenter. She is very articulate and resourceful.”

Ida Bergman, DC, Owner, Educating Wellness, Rhinelander, WI

“The amount of false information that is out there is overwhelming. Your training helped to keep me on the right track with offering the HCG diet to clients. Your depth of knowledge is a tremendous resource.”

Eileen Fleer, RN, Advanced Laser Clinic and MedSpa, Gurnee, IL

“Being new to HCG, I found this training invaluable. Beth is very knowledgeable, and the training is very thorough and well thought out.”

Dr. Blair Martin, Martin Chiropractic, Bluffton, SC

“This training is amazing, thorough and easy to digest. The information is up to date, and presented in a clear and practical format. I now have an excellent framework to use for answering questions from clients and handling them effectively. It removes the myths and misunderstandings, and also gives an understanding on the legal aspects that I have rarely considered.”

Mohamed Al-Sharakhi, Family Physician, State of Behrain

“Beth was very professional and well informed, and is an excellent presenter. The training covers all the bases and is well organized. The module on liability and the material concerning the inaccurate double blind studies out there were particularly interesting and helpful.”

Mikki Funderburke RN, Best Choice Changes, Alpharetta, GA

“Beth did a great presentation, and the support materials were very thorough as well. The training was well organized, and it is clear that she has a lot of knowledge about the HCG diet and how to manage clients while they progress through it. Overall I came away with an increased knowledge of hcg diet management and look forward to any further training that Beth may have.”

Sandra Rasbeary, FNP, Trinity Valley Medical Clinic, Liberty, TX

“This was a detailed training provided in a clear and easy to understand manner. It clarified a few doubts I had about the HCG diet. The included sections about the history and legal aspects of the diet were of great value to me. Beth was great and is highly knowledgeable.”

Rotech Colon, MD, Ponce, Puerto Rico

“The training met my expectations and was well presented. Beth is very passionate and knowledgeable.”

Rebecca Jones, ARNP, Southern Surgery Specialists, Springfield, SC

“Having taken the training, I now feel that I know how to safely, and legally, instruct clients on the do’s and don’ts of the HCG diet. The specifics on the diet, dosage, allowable foods and average weight loss were very useful.”

Pamela Wigglesworth, RN, Ormond Beach, FL

“I learned a lot from this training, including some very important lessons that are pertinent to my practice, and will be making the appropriate changes. Beth is quite thorough and a good presenter. Everything was easy to follow and understand.”

Sandra Hartley, ARNP, Optimum Health, Southern Surgery Specialists, Springfield, SC

“Very comprehensive training. There was a lot more background info on the HCG diet than I was expecting. We have made changes to our protocol since taking this training, and appreciate the effort and knowledge of Beth in bringing this to us.”

Carrie Hurdle, ARNP, Optimum Health, Suwanee, GA

“There is a lot of information covered in this training, and the format was beneficial for being able to rewind the presentation to repeat important parts. I especially found useful the information on the specific HCG diet protocol.”

Carly Ellis, MD, Optimum Health, Suwanee, GA

“In my case, I have had experience with the program, but the training covers a lot of good information that is very important, such as making the best out of the menu, legal information and how to best present the HCG diet to clients. Beth’s experience and knowledge is very noticeable and she presents in an easy to follow way.”

Leslie Gomez, MD, Tao of Healing Center, Cancun, Mexico

“I really liked the presentation and the online format, as it made it easy to go back over parts that I did not fully grasp on the first pass. Coverage of Understanding HCG, as well as the legal liability segment were especially useful. Beth is very knowledgeable and has a real passion for doing this. I look forward to further training from her.”

Sandra Bransford, FNP, Trinity Valley Medical Clinic, Liberty, TX

“Beth did a great job on all of the training and I especially learned a lot in the sections: Recognizing Tough Cases and Legal Liability. Thanks Beth, it was well past my expectations. Great job!”

Entesar Wehwah, Nutritional Counselor, Bothell, WA

“There was a lot of research that went into this training. I learned many things I did not know, especially about liability and false claims. The foods allowed on the council’s list was also different than mine, and I was exited to collaborate the differences. Beth was very professional and did a great job presenting the information as well. I appreciate her dedication to getting the right information to those who are interested in the HCG diet.”

Abby Heilman, Marketing Director, The Last Diet Ever, Sandusky, OH

“The training was excellent and what really helped me was the information Beth presented on how to market and present the HCG Diet controversy to my staff and patients.”

Rebecca Cipriano, MD, A Better You Weight Management, Freehold, NJ

“Beth is a great trainer and knows the HCG diet very well, especially the uses and misuses of HCG. I found the legal liability training module particularly useful. I learned a lot of new and useful information, and it was presented in a way that was easy to follow and understand.”

Maria Gonzalez-Landestoy, MD, Doctors Weight Loss Center, LLC, Austin, TX

“Beth is very knowledgeable and knows obesity and its treatment well. The online format was convenient, and the presentation well organized. I was especially interested in the modules on the HCG diet itself, the legal issues and the research.”

Gladys Huertas, PA, Doctors Weight Loss Center, LLC, Austin, TX

“Great job on the training. Beth has a lot of knowledge and presents it very well. I found the information about the legal aspects of HCG to be very helpful. Overall I took away a greater understanding of the HCG diet and the liabilities involved. I look forward to further additional Diet Council trainings.”

Jose Araujo, MD, Family Practice Clinic of Mayfair, New Berlin, WI