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Are you a licensed Healthcare Professional or own a Healthcare Clinic and want to increase your bottom line with HCG Diet products, such as hCG, liquid oral Lipotropic Drops, HCG Diet approved oil-free skincare and detox products? Then look no further!

With a Professional’s wholesale product account through Beyond Transformations, you will have access to wholesale HCG Diet products formulated for your HCG Dieters before, during, and/or after the HCG Diet (and other diets as well).  The products are formulated by Dr. Beth Golden based on her years of Clinic and medi-spa experience and ownership experience, along with her uncanny product formulation ability and years of working with HCG Dieters.  Healthcare Professionals choose and trust Dr. Beth’s products and expertise because of her hands-on involvement, her integrity and her company’s longevity . . . .

After you watch the video below, please submit your request to open a wholesale products account with Beyond Transformations by going to the “click here” button located under the video. Complete the form and submit.  They will contact you within 1 business day, or less, with details about setting up a wholesale account. A General Wholesale Account requires a one-time initial minimum order to assure you are serious about bringing the product line into your clinic.

Also, you will pleased to know you can dropship products directly to your patients at no additional charge, or sell products directly from your office (or both).

After you submit the form, you will see links to Dr. Golden’s HCG diet products and the Beyond Transformations wholesale store for your review.

Interview with Dr. Beth Golden, Orlando, FL

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