Training Outline and Module Details


  • The role of The HCG Diet Council
  • The HCG Diet in the public eye
  • HCG Diet since 2007 and how it has been impacted by the Internet


  • What is hCG and its chemical structure
  • hCG as it relates to the hypothalamus
  • hCG and adipose tissue metabolism
  • A better understanding of hCG

MODULE 2 – A TRIBUTE TO ATW SIMEONS, MD (24 minutes)Dr Simeons

  • hCG as used in Obesity
  • Simeons’ extended investigations
  • Simeons’ diencephalic theory of obesity and redefining “FAT”
  • Lipogenesis and its function in the hCG Diet
  • Lipolysis
  • hCG double blind studies
  • FTC / FDA controversy
  • Legal disclaimers


  • Learn who are and who are not ideal HCG diet candidates
  • How to set up a HCG Dieter patient file
  • Initial visit protocol details
  • How to gather pre-HCG dieter patient stats
  • Original HCG diet food plan vs acceptable food changes
  • What, when and how to eat on the HCG Diet
  • Cooking tips while on the HCG diet
  • A true plateau on the diet and how to address it with the patient
  • VLCD (very low calorie diet) and HCG Diet time frames
  • Rx injectable hCG: mixing and dosing for the HCG Diet protocol
  • Rx oral hCG: mixing and dosing for the HCG Diet protocol
  • Homeopathic hCG: mixing and dosing for the HCG Diet protocol
  • Other sources and delivery systems of hCG
  • The truth about a woman’s menstrual cycle and the HCG Diet
  • Vitamins, minerals and herbs while on the HCG Diet
  • The  21-day Transition protocol
  • The Maintenance protocol
  • How to evaluate the post-HCG Diet patient


  • Learn why approximately 40% – 65% of HCG Dieters experience problems on the HCG Diet
  • Learn who are not the most ideal candidates and why
  • Learn more about underlying imbalances and how they might affect the HCG Dieter
  • Discover why toxicity if most likely directly connected to tough cases
  • Learn how to address dieters who have cravings, hunger, are slow losers, who cheat and those who experience plateaus
  • Learn about exercising on the HCG Diet
  • Learn about vegetarians and the HCG Diet

MODULE 5 – LEGAL LIABILITY** (34 minutes)

Many Healthcare Professionals offer the HCG Diet without understanding some of the legal risks of offering The HCG Diet. Since false claims and false advertising are sometimes misconstrued as accurate, the Council training offers a different perspective and cautions about making unwarranted claims. Healthcare Professionals repeatedly say this module is an eye opener and appreciate more details concerning the fact that they and their staff could be liable for false advertising and false claims. After all, false advertising and false claims regarding the HCG Diet are what angered the FDA and FTC and many find it beneficial to know more about risks and liability.

  • With misinformation and claims circulating on the internet and in advertising about what the HCG Diet can and will do, this an important training module
  • Learn more about what should and should not be claimed
  • Learn more about what has and has not been proven about the HCG Diet
  • Learn more about what you and your staff should or should not be saying
  • Learn more about what you and your staff could be liable for if misrepresenting the HCG Diet
  • Also learn how to effectively and correctly answer the top 9 questions about the HCG Diet your patients might ask

**This module (and all other modules) is not legally binding nor represents that it replaces legal counsel. It is provided as a basis to take a closer look at liability issues and potential misrepresentations of the HCG Diet. The HCG Diet Council does not provide legal counsel, legal information, nor does it represent it provides information regarding state, local laws and/or international laws and are not attorneys.

SPECIAL FREE MODULE* – Dieter Forms and Patient handout package in downloadable digital format – 1 hour BONUS TRAINING*

Dieter Forms/Patient handout digital download package includes:

  • 13 forms, including those used to set up a HCG Dieter patient file, along with HCG Diet patient handouts;
  • health history intake form, tracking forms, consent form, measurement forms, food plan and diet details, grocery shopping lists for all phases, transition details and more;
  • FDA/FTC disclaimer for advertising;
  • Pounds and Inches Manuscript by ATW Simeons, MD; and
  • Training includes review and information regarding the best way to use the forms and handouts.
  • *FREE bonus training is only available when digital forms package is purchased with the Council training/certification

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