Our Mission

The mission of the HCG Diet Council is to bring to light, for both consumers and Healthcare Professionals, the most accurate, relevant and up-to-date information on the HCG diet.

The HCG Diet Council does this by helping people understand and recognize false claims, by dispelling myths, as well as offering standardized education to Healthcare Professionals. The Council aims to bring to light the most valid and compelling HCG Diet information and uphold the validity of the concept and potential of the HCG Diet that appears to help many around the World to successfully lose abnormal fat and maintain the loss better than other methods they have tried.


The HCG Diet Council Founder

HCG Diet Council: The Key to HCG Diet SuccessWhile The HCG Diet Council provides information about marketing and advertising claims; standardized educational training; standardized collection and reporting of trends regarding the HCG Diet; the Council does not process complaints with regard to false or misleading claims, adverse reactions to products, weight loss coach knowledge or lack thereof, website promises, or product quality or efficacy, nor does the Council offer legal advice. (please see Disclaimer).

To report false advertising complaints, please contact the United States Federal Trade Commission.