HCG Diet Training and Certification Program

Interview with Dr. Beth Golden, PhD, ND at the FCA Convention, Orlando, FL


With the controversy surrounding the HCG Diet, we know you are looking for valid facts, comprehensive training and a certification program you can count on.  The HCG Diet Council training program is just that!


FAQs About Our program is:

  1. Presented in an on-line educational center with very detailed and informative pre-recorded training modules;
  2. Offered 1 Saturday per month, however with purchase of the Dieter forms on CD, access to the training is available for the entire weekend and includes an additional 1 hour and 45 minutes free training module explaining all the forms and hand-outs on the CD;
  3. Accessible anytime on the training date from 8am – 9pm per your time zone;
  4. Includes color spiral-bound training manual, pre-recorded training modules (each approx 20 – 45 minutes each – course outline and details on next page);
  5. Includes an optional certification program and a frameable Certification document with the Gold Council Seal.  Certification questions immediately follow each module and recap what you just learned;
  6. Includes a FREE, COMPREHENSIVE BONUS Training Module with the purchase of printable Dieter Docs on CD* (if purchased along with complete training program) and extends access to training for 2 full days until 9pm Sunday evening;
  7. Costs vary: joining as a Professional (single) or Corporate Member includes 66% OFF training fee per person. Corporate Membership allows up to to 3 trainees at the discounted rate per person;
  8. Includes a professional, frameable Membership Certificate with Gold Council Seal and usage of the Diet Council logo in your advertising.

Final registration deadline is 8 days before training:

  1. Annual Memberships renews at a substantial discount; and
  2. Includes a free listing on the HCG Diet Council website map of affiliated Professionals.

A few additional items worth mentioning: 

    • Comprehensive HCG Dieter Protocol details;
    • Business and Dieter tips from The HCG Diet Expert, Beth Golden;
    • How to recognize tough cases;
    • Easy to take on-line certification exam;
    • Up-to-date HCG Dieter and hand-out forms on CD*. Practical and easy to use; and
    • Legal Liability Training, and more!


________________________________________HCG Diet Council online Training details for 2019


HCG Diet Council Certification is an optional designation that validates the successful completion of The Diet Council’s standardized HCG Diet training courses, validates your expertise to your Patients and exemplifies your support of the HCG Diet Council’s mission. The certification is available only to Corporate or Professional Members after successful completion of the HCG Diet Training courses.

The HCG Diet Council supports and promotes HCG Diet training for Health Care Professionals overseeing HCG Dieters, regardless of the method of hCG used. The HCG Diet Council feels it is of the utmost importance for Health Care Professionals administering the HCG Diet to have a working knowledge of the core principals of the HCG Diet, as well as to be well-versed in the history of the HCG Diet’s origination and Dr. A.T.W. Simeons’ research, clinically researched changes since then, and how to recognize difficult cases.

The Council recommends that Health Care Professionals administering the HCG Diet have a minimum of 5 years experience in the Health and Wellness industry and on-going, standardized training in regard to the use of hCG for weight loss.  The Council’s HCG Diet Training course provides an in-depth look and greater understanding of the history of dieting and weight management utilizing hCG as originated by Dr. ATW Simeons.


TO REVIEW THE TRAINING OUTLINEHCG Diet Council online Training Details for 2019____________________________________________


Our program is developed and taught by the industry’s HCG Diet Expert, Beth Golden, PhD, ND. Starting in 2007, she was one of the first to study and perfect the HCG Diet with her clients. From her personal, clinic experience, she provides a comprehensive HCG Diet training and certification program designed to help Healthcare Professionals learn how to effectively and correctly oversee HCG Dieters.   In the HCG Diet Council’s training, you will learn protocols that will allow you to truly be able to help someone do the HCG Diet correctly and enable them to have a better chance of long term weight loss maintenance.

Why should you trust Beth’s work? She has specialized in the HCG Diet, worked with an abundance of dieters and has also been training Doctors and healthcare Professionals since 2007. She has experience in the healthcare industry since 1999 and her training will help you truly understand why 40%-65% of HCG Dieters struggle while on the Diet and it is not because they are not getting enough hCG.  You will find that her additional knowledge and expertise from her clinical experience since 1999 will far surpass anyone else when it comes to accurate information and the correct HCG Diet Protocol.  To date, she has worked with numerous HCG Dieters and trained Doctors from around the World. You will find her training style to be detail oriented, explicit, yet easy to learn.


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“This was a great training and very complete. Dr Golden should be recognized as a pioneer HCG diet trainer! She has the skills, and has obviously devoted many professional hours to a more systemic way of doing the HCG Diet program. I especially liked the bibliographic research and the physiology of hypothalamic obesity.” Dr. Alejandro Lopez Vergara, MD Alaive Medicina Integrativa, Guadalajara, Mexico

“Great training program and the online format is very convenient. I enjoyed the info about hypothalamic lesions and the results. Dr Beth is very thorough! I learned more than I thought I was going to.” Renea Barrett, LAc, Soft Touch Acupuncture, Springfield, MO

“Wow we need someone like Dr. Golden in our organization! What a help that would be in staying up to date with all the latest studies and research into the HCG Diet. She just has so much knowledge. The historical information was beneficial also. Thank you so much for this great HCG protocol training program.” Julie Jose, RN, Ultimate Solutions MedSpa, Jupiter, FL