HCG Diet Research Program

The HCG Diet Council Program Promotes Standardized Training and Research

The HCG Diet Council promotes standardized HCG diet programs and offers Health Care Professionals the opportunity to collect and submit data from their clients before, during and after the HCG Diet.

Whether you are a Health Care Professional or an HCG Dieter, we welcome you to submit HCG Diet results for Research purposes to help support our efforts to further advance the validity of the HCG Diet.

The HCG Diet Council’s work, such as collecting and assimilating standardized research data and coordinating its efforts is made possible through nominal membership fees and its dedicated Founder and Advisory Board.

CORPORATE OR PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS:¬†We do not charge a fee for the submission of HCG Dieters’ research data. The only prerequisite for submission is that you are a Corporate or Professional member and have participated in the HCG diet Council Training program to better understand The Council’s stance on the HCG Diet.

FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT MEMBERSHIP and Professional Training / Certification and Costs: REGISTER HERE and we will email you the details!

HCG DIETER: If you are a current or previous HCG Dieter and want to participate in our research program, you too have the opportunity to submit HCG Diet information such as previous dieting experience(s), HCG Dieting results, etc. Your personal identity is kept strictly confidential and data is only used to evaluate on-going results of the HCG Diet and monitor industry trends. For more information, CLICK HERE.