HCG Diet Council Launched a Petition for Submission to the FDA to Recognize The Council’s Standardized Research as to Validity of the HCG Diet

The HCG Diet Council has always been concerned about the unsubstantiated claims made by affiliate marketers connected to Doctors and internet coaches selling hCG that began surfacing  in mid 2009.  For the most part, they are non-Medical and non-Healthcare Professionals, Certified in nothing, but appear to be people who have successfully had results with the HCG diet and are self-appoint experts offering HCG Diet Coaching. We feel these folks have been and are practicing medicine without a license and by the claims and plagiarism on websites, it is abundantly apparent (and frightening) how little they actually know.

So while their outlandish claims caused the intervention from the FDA and FTC, they are also solely responsible for Google, Amazon, e-bay and others banning “HCG” as though it is in a class of psychotropic drugs.  These folks are personally responsible for the bad Press and mis-representation of the HCG Diet over the past several years.  They took what has been a very successful diet since the 1950s and turned it into a free frawl sales event on the internet and totally disregarded Dr. Simeons strict protocol that the HCG Diet must only be done under the direction of a Qualified Health Care Doctor.

With that said, The Council stands for integrity and honesty, and has been the forerunner in helping train Healthcare Professionals .