About the Founder

Beth-Golden-HCG-Diet-ExpertHCG Diet Council Founder, Dr. Beth Golden, is a nationally recognized formulator, trainer and public speaker specializing in the areas of weight loss, natural health and total-body wellness.  She has owned and operated a multifaceted, multi-million dollar cash wellness practice and Medi-Spa since 1999 and since 2000 has also been teaching Health Care Professionals her unique proven Business Systems to help Medical Doctors and other Health Care Professional build a successful cash Practice.

In 2007, Beth personally had extraordinary results with the HCG Diet and being a life long yo-yo dieter, she experienced first hand the value of the underlying concept of the HCG Diet. She then began researching and learning everything she could find about Dr. Simeons and his work.  Seeing the incredible results her clients experienced by also treating the functional imbalances of her HCG Dieter, she used her years of experience as a Naturopathic Doctor and expertise in nutrition, herbs and supplementation, and began training Doctors in her clinic the HCG Diet and moved the focus of her Health Care Practice to updating and perfecting The HCG Diet. After perfecting a 4 Phase HCG Diet System that worked for every HCG Dieter, and a system that Doctors could now use to treat the underlying functional imbalances of their patients, along with the HCG Diet, she then trained with Dr. Daniel Belluscio in Oct of 2008, the Argentinian Plastic Surgeon who mentored with Dr. Simeons in the early 1960s.  Upon returning, Beth then launched a pilot project in Nov of 2008 with her HCG Diet System in 34 clinics across the USA and Canada. Her goals were to prove she could teach other Health Care Professionals her HCG Diet System, validate patients outside her supervision would get the same extra-ordinary immediate and long term results, and include the Business System she used during the process.  To date, Beth has personally worked with over 40,000 HCG Dieters and Patients, and taught 1000’s of Doctors and other Health Care Professionals her unique HCG Diet System and Business Program.

In 2010, Beth founded The HCG Diet Council in an effort to dispel HCG Diet myths and to bring together a community of Health Care Professionals interested in researching and documenting the HCG Diet as a means of sustainable weight loss.  In 2011, she brought to The Council her expertise in training a unique, one of a kind international HCG Diet Training program that is only available to Medical Doctors and other Health Care Practitioners around the world. She has gone on to develop special advanced HCG Diet trainings and protocols, also including Business Building, pricing and operating a full Medi-Spa which are offered LIVE in Tampa, Florida.

Beth has a very diverse background in sales and marketing and after entering the Health Care industry in the 1990s, went onto to earn a PhD in Religion; a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine; a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition; and a Master Herbalist degree. She also is a Certified Nutritional Consultant; is a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath by the ANCB; Board certified in Quantum Medicine through the AAQM; is a Certified Biofeedback Practitioner; and Licensed Medical Clinic Skincare Specialist. She has also formulated many effective homeopathic HCG and Detoxification remedies, anti-aging kits and serves as a consultant to custom manufacturing companies based in the US.