• Beth Golden interviewed by Chiropractic Economics at the FCA Convention, Orlando, FL HCG Diet Council Founder, Dr. Beth Golden, PhD, ND is a nationally recognized formulator, trainer and public speaker specializing in the areas of weight loss, natural health and total-body wellness. In 2007, she experienced extraordinary results with the HCG Diet. Over the next 18 months, she focused her Health Care Practice on updating and perfecting The HCG Diet. After training with Dr. Daniel Belluscio in 2009, the Argentinian Plastic Surgeon who mentored with Dr. Simeons in the 1960s, she launched her HCG Diet System in Health Care clinics across North America. In 2010, she founded The HCG Diet Council and in 2011, created the HCG Diet Training and Certification program. To date, Beth has personally worked with over 10,000+ HCG dieters and educated 1000′s of Doctors and other Health Care Professionals from around the world.

HCG Diet Council’s HCG Diet Training Now Reaches Health Care Practitioners from Around the World